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A Slice of Great News

Here, have a slice of great news to go with your morning coffee :

Out of the water leaps the humpback whale, like the Phoenix rising from the fire,
they’re baaaack! The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has
revised its classification of the whales from “vulnerable” to “of least concern”
on its latest annual list of endangered animals. Literally on the brink of
extinction, down to under 1500 in 1966. Their numbers have increased since
international and federal protections were put in place in the 1960s and ’70s
and a international commercial whaling ban was imposed in 1986. The population
is now estimated to be 40,000 mature adults and 15,000 juveniles. Still low, for
these 50 foot majestic creatures that once roamed all the Earth’s oceans were at
240,000 strong in pre-whaling days. But now, they are on the road to recover and
that is some remarkable and wonderful news.

[Note to the pro-whaling countries: Why would you even think about pushing to
reintroduce commercial hunting, look what it did before, and not having it all
these years did not ruin your economies.]

It was just June of last year that the federal government removed the bald eagle
from its list of threatened and endangered species, capping a 40-year comeback
for the national icon that showed that disappearing creatures are not always lost.
There were 417 breeding pairs of bald eagles in the continental United States in
1967, after a decline blamed partly on the eggshell-thinning pesticide DDT. Forty
years later, officials say, that number has grown to about 10,000 pairs.

Thanks to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the eagles’ resurgence has been
celebrated as evidence that, with enough money, effort and public support, a
decimated U.S. species can be nursed back to life.

Other species once close to extinction such as the whooping crane, gray wolf,
peregrine falcons, American alligators, gray whales, and California sea otter are
also making spectacular comebacks thanks to the act.

Since it was passed, 21 animal species and three plant species have recovered and
“delisted” under the ESA. About 1,314 species are still listed.

[Note to the Bush administration: Why would you even think about pushing to reform
an Act that’s not broken, look what it’s done since enacted, and not having control
of it all these years has not ruined any bureaucrats’ kick-back nor the profit margin
of big business.]

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No Responses to “A Slice of Great News”

  1. wilson Says:

    Congratulation to those 24 species that have been recovered and being delisted from the ESA…

    Though, there are still 1,314 species, including the Birds of Paradise and Tasmanian Devils that still need us to save them from the extinction…

    wilsons last blog post..The Truth of Ageing – Face it or Leave it, As This is The Cycle of Life! Part 6

  2. Linda Says:

    Hi Wilson … Yep! you are correct and hopefully people will let our government know NOT to change the ESA.

  3. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    This is good news.

    I was sure happy when they saved the bald eagle. That is one magnificent bird, isn’t it?

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..A.S.K. – Liz Strauss – How Do You Inspire Your Readers To Join Your Community

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Yes the bald eagle is majestic! I have seen them up close and they are gorgeous. So happy to see them off the list.

  5. SolReka Says:

    Glad to see the humpback off the endangered list. I find it incredible that anyone would even want to hunt such a beautiful creature. The mind baffles.

    Next on the endangered list – homo sapiens (man).

    Man is only some 7 million years old, we are merely children in the playground of evolution. We had better be careful we don’t wipe ourselves out. Too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially considering how little we really know about life, the Universe, and everything.

    SolRekas last blog post..5 Energy facts I bet you never knew

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi SolReka … Well, they used to kill them daily and called it fishing. Hmmmm… I am sure that we may kill ourselves by many things but I doubt too much knowledge is a terrible thing.

  7. phoenix az Says:

    […] of the water leaps the humpback whale, like the phoenix rising from the fire,they??re baaaack! : Hiking Prescott National Forest Trail 114Filed in Miscellany, Hiking by Eric on […]

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