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Salmonella Scare

Over the past few weeks the newscasts have been reporting on the illnesses and
deaths caused by salmonella tainted tomatoes. Now, the FDA is not sure if it is
the tomatoes.  They are reporting the culprit could be a ‘companion’ vegetable,
i.e. salad greens, chives, or salsa ingredients like cilantro, jalapeno peppers,
and on and on. Which means they do not know.

But, not once did I worry about popping a cherry tomato into my mouth or run to
regurgitate the salad I ate at 5:30 when the 6 p.m. news said the lettuce was
now suspect. Because I grow my own, hydroponically, on my counter top.

I have posted, in the past, an article on my hydroponic AeroGarden which stated
the great success of the herb garden and the next crop would be the Salad Greens
Kit (very prophetic, if I must say so myself!), which I did and within 3 weeks
the lettuce was big enough to start harvesting from.

During that time my neighbor had gotten the smaller unit and was growing cherry
tomatoes and jalapeno peppers ( the Salsa Garden Kit). She also had an outdoor
garden full of new potatoes, squash, eggplant, cucumber, and various other vegetables.

So, you can imagine our surprise to the broadcasts. To know at the time of the
outbreak and since, the very type of vegetables under salmonella suspicion, are
growing on our counter tops, and being consumed daily. We know where our vegetables
come from and fear no problems with digestion or dying!

Seriously wouldn’t you like to have that same feeling? Whether or not you live
in a home, apartment or RV, you can have your own fresh veggies, worry free.
I would highly recommend AeroGarden for your home and family.

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