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Largest U.S. biodiesel plant starts production in Texas

GreenHunter Energy, Inc. began operations at it’s Houston, Texas,
biodiesel refinery, which can produce 105 million gallons per year
(mgpy). That capacity narrowly beats out the Imperium Renewables’
biodiesel refinery in Washington State, making it the largest
biodiesel plant in the United States.

The new facility is able to produce biodiesel from animal fats,
vegetable oils, or a blend of the two, and the facility produces
zero emissions. GreenHunter Energy bought the facility in early
2007, (which originally was a waste-oil recycling facility), and
converted it into a biodiesel plant. The biorefinery has 700,000
barrels of storage capacity, a methanol distillation system that
is 5 times larger than needed, and a system to neutralize the
crude glycerin byproduct, making it a more valuable product.
And the facility produces zero emissions – (I know, I know, but
it deserved repeating).

And now for the most wonderfully ironic twist to this story –
the facility is located smack in the middle of the Houston Ship
Channel’s Refinery Row! Look out big oil, there goes the
neighborhood, (“uh oh, Honey, look who’s moving in next door!”).

Until a couple of years ago, I lived in and around Houston most
of my life and it is very evident how those refineries and
chemical plants have been trashing the environment for about a
hundred years. So now you can understand when I say, with
glee – nothin’ I love better than a little cosmic justice!!

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No Responses to “Largest U.S. biodiesel plant starts production in Texas”

  1. martin miller-yianni Says:

    Fascination topic and facts. All helps this world.

    martin miller-yiannis last blog post..A Bulgarian in England

  2. mikey777 Says:

    This is definitely a step in the right direction. I can’t help but wonder, though: How long until the government starts taking control of this industry like it has done with Big Oil?

    Only time will tell, I guess.

    I hope it never happens.

    mikey777s last blog post..Politicians Try To Get The Working Class Vote

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Martin … you bet it does!

    Hi Mikey777 … I hope they don’t as well but they will figure out somehow to regulate it!

  4. Barbara Says:

    Are they really going to want to regulate vegetable oil? Seems this government should have bigger things to worry about…maybe we finally outsmarted them!

    Barbaras last blog post..Odds On Autism

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