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Hijacking Trash Can Make You Rich!

A company called Terra Cycle makes products out of garbage.  They take the organic waste, feed it to earth worms, which ingest it and poop out fantastic fertilizer.

The worm poop is liquefied in large vats by adding water, bubbling it, to rid it of

chloride and add oxygen, and eat.  The company says it takes 5 days for the process.

They then take used soda bottles, wash them out, remove the label, fill with the liquid worm poop, re-label and cap with a garden hose adapter.  So when you see it in the store, the containers will be as different as Coke, Pepsi, or 7-Up or from each other.  And the product’s name?  What Else –  Worm Poop!

Terra Cycle also makes firelogs.  The company said the log is made of glycerin that

cannot be slushed or put in landfills, and biodiesel by-products.  Wood chips are

mixed with sawdust, shredded milk cartons, and the glycerin.  Then heat it until

it is well blended.  Then it is compressed into the log form.  The packaging is –

what else – old newspaper.  The Terra Cycle label is slapped on it and away it goes

to market.

These people have formed a company that’s making them very rich and allows them to

do their share of saving the planet too.  And in their words, “it doesn’t get any

better than that!”

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No Responses to “Hijacking Trash Can Make You Rich!”

  1. Janet Giacoma Says:

    I have got to allot more time to studying your blog! I’d be interested in the Terra Cycle firelogs after the summer is gone. Wonder if they’d make good camping logs?

  2. Condo Blues Says:

    I saw an story on Terra Cycle on Planet Green. I’m interested in their compost tea product since my composter doesn’t give me enough compost. I have to choose between doing just compost or making compost tea. Since making compost tea is kinda messy, I’d prefer to buy it than make it.

  3. Linda Says:

    Hi Janet … Yes! they would make good camping logs as they will be bugless, lighter and burn for a long while!

    Lindas last blog post..Hijacking Trash Can Make You Rich!

  4. Heidi Says:

    Thank you for posting this! I love products like this!

    Heidis last blog post..Using natural, clay-based plasters instead of paint

  5. Linda Says:

    Hi Heidi … You are Welcome! Come back again….

  6. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    I had to laugh at your title. 🙂

    Did you see on the news where we are shipping trash (recyclables) oversees? Apparently there’s a big market for it in Korea ( I think). Go figure.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..MMM – Can She Talk?

  7. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Kinda made me giggle as well! Evidently we have trash that is valuable for overseas use….

    Lindas last blog post..Trivia for the Day!

  8. Susan Says:

    This is such a grand idea. What a way to recycle!

    Susans last blog post..Short Sales in Minnesota

  9. Linda Says:

    hi Susan … it is a good idea and practice!

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