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Respect the Force of Nature

Protecting our environment in some ways is akin to saving an endangered species. For
instance, it’s really not a good idea to try to feed raw meat to a snow leopard from
your bare hand. Maybe I’m a little sensitive because I live in Tornado Alley, but
this guy, well never mind let me just tell you….

A former NASCAR driver in Charlotte, N.C. has spent tons of money building a car
called Tornado Attack, to drive head long into a tornado in the name of stupid, I
mean science. He says of the car, “Tornado Attack was designed to attack tornadoes,
that’s why it’s an attack. And we hunt tornadoes, we don’t chase them. We hunt
tornadoes in an effort to extract the information, find out what they’re telling us,
then I’m still going to give it to the scientific community and let them decide what
it’s really saying, cause I’m not a meterologist.” Duh!!

What they will extract is what’s left of you, Danger Boy.

The body is a triple layer of 14 gauge steel capable of taking an 8 inch tree at
140 mph. – Ok, how about a steel tower coming at you say, at 300 mph?

It has 8 cameras, doppler radar, laptops, weather rockets and video rockets. And
one nit-wit to operate it all in the middle of a F3.

A transparent polymer called M10, capable of resisting a 32 caliber bullet covers
the wheel wells, wind shield, windows, and a sun-roof. So he can have a good view of
the vortex as it sucks his dumb butt through the bullet proof glass.

A hydralic system lowers the car and seals it to the ground in one second
The sides, half way down flare out about an inch which in his words will, “create down
force, which some of the wind goes up, the rest will go down which helps use Mother
Nature’s force against her.”  Yeah, Einstein, let’s see who gets Mother Nature’s
force used against them.

Let’s face it, he’s not doing this for the science nor the concern for future victims.
It’s the thrill. He’s an adrenalin junky. Which is absolutely fine! But, don’t be
blowin’ smoke about it. If he was truely concerned for either, he would have used
the money spent on building the Bat Mobile, donated it to legitimate research programs
to improve the early warning system and/or actual tornado victims funds and still had
enough money left to buy a rocket, strap it to his butt and jump the Grand Canyon.

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No Responses to “Respect the Force of Nature”

  1. Matt from Green Moral Says:

    Hmm… sounds like a toy to me.

    Matt from Green Morals last blog post..What do we drink now?

  2. Linda Says:

    Thank YOU for recognizing this! You said it in 7 words that it took me in a post to say. The thing that got me was his altruistic boasting instead of just admitting it is a TOY!

    Lindas last blog post..Respect the Force of Nature

  3. Brad Says:

    Come on now, Linda. Boys will be boys. 🙂

    But I must say this is one of your best posts yet! Some of your imagery almost brought tears to my eyes laughing! What? He’s really NOT a meteorologist?

    You go girl!

    Brads last blog post..Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, Why Wait?

  4. Linda Says:

    I understand Boys will be boys! But please, this one takes the cake! I do expect to see a video of him taking off like a rocket into a tornado but you will see it on Most Outrageous videos!

    Lindas last blog post..Respect the Force of Nature

  5. Jim Blakley Says:

    He he he. I really enjoy all of your entries. It really is amusing at what passes as science these days.


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