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Petroleum-Based Cleaners

I had a comment asking how to tell if your dishwashing liquid is petroleum-based.
Well, good question, since the major brands don’t list the ingredients on the
bottles. What the bottles are quick to say is no phosphates and biodegradable
anionic surfactants (whew! That twisted my tongue just typing it). You’re lulled
into thinking all’s right with the major brands world until you realize what they
are not saying is volumes. Even the web sites don’t give you the ingredients. So,
odds are, if they don’t say they’re not petroleum-based, they probably ARE.

But never fear Forced Green is here – found some! Greenfeet is the place to go!
Under Shop / Housekeeping / General Cleaning. They have several brands of dish
washing liquid at very reasonable prices along with other products that you may
be interested in.

I delved a little further into one called Natural Dish Liquid made by Seventh
Generation. They disclose all the ingredients (on all their products), and list
the benefits as:
– Non-toxic
– Biodegradable
– Hypo-allergenic
– No Phosphates
– Not tested on animals
– Kosher-certified

And it’s tasty too! That was a joke! Do NOT eat it! It probably wouldn’t hurt you, but
you really don’t want to be pootin’ bubbles.

Anyway, hope this helps.

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11 Responses to “Petroleum-Based Cleaners”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Very interesting site! Great information.

    Nicoles last blog post..Shipping is FREE!!

  2. michellew Says:

    I came through Entrecard. This is a great site. I’ll be back!

  3. Alexander M Zoltai Says:

    Here’s another one:

    ~ Alex

    Alexander M Zoltais last blog post..Verse Seven

  4. Linda Says:

    Hi Nicole … thank you!

    Hi Michellew …. Thank you and see ya when you come back!

  5. Ari Herzog Says:

    I echo Seventh Generation as a green company; I use their general cleaning spray and toilet paper.

    Ari Herzogs last blog post..Fusion Power Exclusive! You Won’t Read This Anywhere Else!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Ari,

    I like them as well… they seem to have great products!

    Lindas last blog post..Petroleum-Based Cleaners

  7. Nessa Says:

    LOL, I read that and thought of the lil rascals movie when Alfalfa was doing exactly that!!! Funny stuff! I also never knew there WAS petroleum in dish liquids. Gross! I’ll be looking for Seventh Generation. Thanks for the information 🙂

    Nessas last blog post..Congrats Winners

  8. Linda Says:

    Hi Nessa … You are welcome! Glad you caught the humor! 🙂

    Lindas last blog post..Petroleum-Based Cleaners

  9. Barbara Swafford Says:

    Hi Linda,

    This sure helps. I think my (Costco) Kirkland brand is probably a bad one.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..The Biggest Mistake I Made In Blogging

  10. Green Matt Says:

    Good post. As a result of reading that I was inspired to research a post on making soap from woodland products. I learned that the humble conker is actually quite handy. I’ve published the post on my blog (obviously).

    Green Matts last blog post..Soap from trees

  11. Linda Says:

    Hi Barbara … Maybe not, look at the ingredients and see what it has… if no phosphates, then maybe it is bad.

    Hi Green Matt….. I will be right over to read! 🙂

    Lindas last blog post..350 Challenge Certificate

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