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Update to the RV Cover

Well, after a month of fighting the weather, the frame of the RV cover, and just
plain physical stamina, a conclusion has been reached.

At first, the selection of pvc was made due to the pricing, cheap! However, after
you go above 10 feet, it becomes pretty useless to handle a load, muchless wind.
There have been 20 – 60 mph winds here for the last 5 months and the frame is not
handling it well. Have tried every which way possible to brace the top to handle
the tin but no matter which way was tried, a bow would appear or the connections
crackled with threat of coming apart.

So, today a decision was made to tear down what we have and start anew. 🙁
Needless to say, all of the effort expended has be good in one sense as it taught
a good lesson on construction. If your gut says do not do it, don’t. At the same
time, in trying to be different….. yes! almost a reality but strength was not

With the heat fast approaching here in Texas, we are on the move to get this
accomplished as fast as possible. This weekend will be tear down mode and next week
will start again with hole digging to handle 4 x 4 x 16 poles.

Will keep you updated on how it goes! Dadgumit!

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