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GREEN RV Refrigeration Network Association (RVRN)

Randy Canter has been in the RV Industry for 15 years and is the Director of the RVRN Association, many thanks to Randy for the article below and the timeliness of the
info. Especially since I am a RV resident presently, and for anyone utilizing the
RV refrigerator, I thought it was appropriate to publish the latest news release.


Absorption refrigeration found it’s nitch in the RV Industry many years ago. Millions of RV’s, campers, motor homes, horse trailers, boats, remote area cabins, and the Amish communities, as well as many other areas, are using these environmentally friendly absorption refrigerators.

– The chemicals used in charging absorption refrigerator systems do not harm our environment, whereas, most compression based systems that use Freon will eventually form a leak. The Freon is then vented into the atmosphere, and this is harmful to the environment.
– The energy used to operate absorption refrigerators is more economical than compression refrigerators.
– Every time an absorption cooling unit is reconditioned, there is one less refrigerator and/or one less cooling unit in our landfills.

The RVRN Association is made up of certified technicians across the United States who recondition the cooling units on absorption refrigerators. An RVRN reconditioned cooling unit is less costly to the consumer and carries a 5 year, 100% warranty. The alternative is the purchase of a new cooling unit, which is more costly to the consumer and only carries a 1 year, limited warranty. Due to a lack of education, millions of consumers are being misled. They are told their refrigerator cannot be repaired, they purchase a new one, and theirs, that could have been repaired, ends up in the landfills.

The RVRN Association is trying to provide education on this subject in an attempt to help save our environment. If there is not an RVRN member in your area, perhaps you are the one to offer this service and help us keep these cooling units and refrigerators out of the landfills. Contact Randy at or 270-703-9189, or visit our website at

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No Responses to “GREEN RV Refrigeration Network Association (RVRN)”

  1. frostygirl Says:

    Thanks for the info you are sharing with us, the general public normally have to rely on what the repair shop says, it is good to hear that one should get a “second opinion” before writing off faulty equipment.

  2. Linda Says:

    Absolutely! Always get a second opinion on everything unless you know differently. Thank you for coming by!

    Lindas last blog post..GREEN RV Refrigeration Network Association (RVRN)

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