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The Di Pietro Motor

Back 0n May 2nd I wrote a blog called Air Car #2, about a guy (Angelo Di Pietro)
in Australia that invented an engine that runs on compressed air, the rotary
piston engine so light you can literally hold it in your hands. Well, I finally
found their site. Below is an excerpt. But, while I’ve got your attention, be
sure to tune in for tomorrow’s blog because there is going to be some exciting
news on the first air car I wrote about.

The Di Pietro Motor (Rotary Air Engine)

Motor speed and torque are simply controlled by throttling the amount or pressure of
air into the motor. The Di Pietro motor gives instant torque at zero RPM and can be
precisely controlled to give soft start and acceleration control.

Angelo Di Pietro Director of R & D said:

“There is no other motor as good as ours, years of research and analysing other motors
around the world gave me the confidence and obligation to say so. Obligation in the
sense that people have been waiting for ages in relation to efficiency in order to
take care of our environmental situation.

100% more efficiency than our competitor is a very serious claim and should not be
confused with some kind of publicity stunt were the interest is purely to try and make
money out of some ridiculous claim.

The invention has a long list of important improvements over other motors.
The concept has the capability to change the method we use for transportation, apart
from the benefits of energy saving in stationary applications.

* We have verification of its performance
* We have patents issued
* It has outstanding efficiency
* It has constant high torque
* It has low parts count
* It has low number of moving parts
* It is compact and light
* It has virtually no friction
* It has virtually no vibration
* It has smooth speed control characteristics
* Only 1 PSI of pressure is needed to overcame the friction


I have written Angelo several times without a response back but maybe you will have
some luck…. here is his website.

give it a try!

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No Responses to “The Di Pietro Motor”

  1. WebGoodies411 Says:

    I want one of these cars!! What an amazing concept. Your blog of gorgeous and very interesting.

    WebGoodies411s last blog post..Funny Video Friday – Hero Cop?

  2. Linda Says:

    Yeah! I want one as well! Thank you for your compliments and come on back!

    Lindas last blog post..The Di Pietro Motor

  3. Marlowe Camello Says:

    I find Mr. Angelo Di Pietro’s air car invention truly amazing and probably many others may say so.
    If what he claims is really true, why is he not aggressively marketing either his idea or his compressed air vehicles in the United States? How about shipping some of his vehicles to the City of Los Angeles, California for demonstration purposes with some marking that say: “This vehicle runs on compressed air”?
    With skyrocketing prices of gasoline, many would certainly be very interested to buy his vehicle or produce them under some franchising arrangements with auto makers in the United States.

  4. Art pennesi Says:

    I’ve been following this story for quite a while. This breakthrough is now 7 years old. I can’t for the life of me understand why industry hasn’t been a path to his door to develop this engine, except pure greed. This means the cost of his technology is more than any industry is willing to shell out. Right now just about every motor using in manufacturing is electric. If these are are truely high torque, hig efficinecy,low maintenance engines with few parts and no vibration, low wear and long durability then they could change everything that has a motor, including cars,boats and trains. But if wants a million dollars for an engine that cost 500$ to build they’ll just wait till the patent expires.

  5. Bell Says:

    Defiantly an excellent invention and I believe it is absolutely doable, I am surprised nothing has happened so far, it has so money application specially now with the cost of fuel heading in to 140 to a barrel, what I have seen so far on this design based on what I found on the internet it absolutely phenomena, what is happening to the Australian government not supporting such an invention I couldn’t seem to understand, Angelo your are standing in a gold mine, you better get the miners now ( the investors)!

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