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Nucor “A Green Company”

A young Jewett, Texas mother told me her 7 year old son came home from school with a
packet of wildflower seeds stapled to a letter. The letter was dated April 22, Earth
Day. It was from a company called Nucor, and it said (not quoting here), that it was
giving these wildflower seeds to all the young school children to experience their
first occasion to participate in Earth Day, and watch the wonder of beautiful flowers
grow from seeds they planted with their own hands.

This was one of the coolest things I have ever heard, so I checked them out. Below is
an excerpt from their web site. But, with Jewett not being far from me, I mosied on
over there and talked to some folks. Nucor is a steel manufacturing company and yes,
Nucor truly is green. Steel manufacturing and pollution go hand in hand, so knock
me over with a feather to find this company is not only going green but, has gone

Example: They gave all their employees in-line meters to monitor the wattage a
particular outlet is pulling.

The only municiple water they use is just their drinking water. The waste water from
the production is recycled and reused.

Nucor is building a plant in Louisiana that will capture the steam from the
production process and generate more electricity than it uses, green energy, back to
the grid. Note to my fellow Texans: That plant was supposed to have been built here,
but our state has a ridiculous law (one of many), that says companies can’t sell
electricity back to the grid like individuals can. They have to be duly licensed,
certified, polluting, kick-back giving electric companies. Our government inaction
(miss spelling intentional). So, remember that when you vote.

Anyway, I’m not just impressed with this company, I’m proud of them.

From Nucor’s website:

Nucor makes a promise to be environmentally conscious to its over 11,000 employees and
to the rural communities where plants are generally located. The company has adopted
the slogan “Nucor – It’s our Nature” and promotes this philosophy with its emphasis
on recycling.

* Nucor is the largest steel recycler in the nation
* Last year Nucor recycled a quantity of scrap steel in excess of 20 million tons
* Nucor’s steel making processes have much lower emissions than integrated steel
making operations
* Nucor’s energy consumption per ton of steel produced is much lower than that of
integrated mills
* Nocor uses Electric Arc Furnance (EAF) technology at all of its steel recycling
facilities. EAFs use post-consumer scrap steel material for the major feedstock,
unlike blast furnance operations which use mined iron ore as the major feedstock.

The concept was simple: use scrap metal as the feedstock and melt it with electrical
energy. The world was awash in scrap yards where once useful automobiles, appliances
and demolition material now slowly rusted into oblivion. While the motivation was
purely economic, the result was a boon to the environment and a new highly efficient
steel industry. The economics were simple: plentiful, cheap raw materials combined
with a much smaller melting and rolling process, capped off with a growing economical
and reliable energy system. The scaled down size provided the setting for what
would be called the mini mill or as we know it now, the steel recycling mill.

Nucor Building Systems’ products may contain steel from all of the Nucor steel mills
including sheet, plate, bar and beam. The average amount of recycled steel used in our
products is over 80%.

In the world of recycling there are few choices that are as simple and clean. By
simply returning a ton of scrap metal to a recycling center a person can receive
between $40 to $80 in revenue while conserving ore, limestone and coal; all valuable
natural resources. They minimize mining waste and help preserve the earth’s natural
beauty. They stop 85 lbs of criteria pollutants from entering the atmosphere and
save enough electricity to power their home for over a month. A simple act with far
reaching environmental consequences.

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5 Responses to “Nucor “A Green Company””

  1. Cliff Glickman Says:


    I help put together Nucor’s quarterly employee newsletter. I love what you had to say about the company. As you can tell, the environmental message is critical to all parts of Nucor’s operations.
    Would it be OK with you if we ran some of your comments in the next newsletter? That would be fall, since the summer one is completed (but not yet sent). We’re just getting started on fall, so my plans are very fluid at the moment…

  2. Diane Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if everyone, everywhere did this!

    Dianes last blog post..Are You Ready For A Blog Carnival?

  3. Linda Says:

    Cliff, Absolutely feel free to use whatever you would like. I would be honored.

    Thank you from the rest of the green world for your commitment to being green!

    Lindas last blog post..Nucor “A Green Company”

  4. Linda Says:

    Diane, yes, it would!

    Lindas last blog post..Nucor “A Green Company”

  5. Christina Says:

    Using scrap metal as feed stock and melting it with electrical energy sounds like an interesting concept. The fact that Nucor is the largest steel recycler in the nation should speak to the impact the company is making.

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