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Hazardous Household Waste Disposal

AFter searching and searching for waste disposal sites in Texas, I have come up pretty
much empty as far as actual sites go. They will tell you what items are considered
hazardous household waste. These items are listed below.

* Fluorescent light bulbs (including compact fluorescent light bulbs)
* Oil-based paints
* Some anti-mildew and exterior latex paints
* Some wood stains
* Fuels (gasoline, propane, diesel)
* Corrosive cleaners (such as lye-based oven cleaners)
* Drain cleaners
* Pool chlorine and acid
* Automotive batteries
* Nickel-cadmium batteries
* Televisions and computer monitors
* Some pesticides

Examples of Other Materials Often Collected with HHW

* Motor oil (new or used)
* Oil filters
* Antifreeze (new or used)
* Most latex paint
* Most pesticides

I did find a site that was on the site (thank you Oklahoma) for disposal of
cfls only per state.

So, the bottom line is that most states have plans, events, and regulations on why and
what is deemed household hazard waste and how they should be handled. But they keep
neglecting one important point in the whole process – WHERE ARE THE SITES?
Does anyone know where there are some recycling sites for these products here in East
Texas? Because in the above url, there are only two sites for the entire state of Texas.

Anywhere else for that matter, everyone needs to know this.

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