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A new going green product to reduce your electric bill. Even when powered down, all of your
computer desk equipment, your pc, printer, modem, etc., are consuming power. All of
the little LED lights that are on means you are sucking approximately 100
watts of energy. So why not put in a switch that will turn off these items when you
are done for the evening or during the day.

The GreenSwitch™ system was originally developed to control energy consumption in the
hospitality/hotel industry.

The system is completely wireless and may be retrofitted in an existing home or added
during new construction. GreenSwitch™ can even control out buildings and barns over
100 yards away.

How It Works

Upon Leaving the Home

When exiting the home, the last one out simply switches the GreenSwitch to the off

* A wireless signal is sent to all of the GreenSwitch™ slave components (wall
plugs, light switches, and thermostat)
* Designated light switches and wall plugs will automatically turn off.
* The home’s Air Conditioning/Heating System is automatically set to the
unoccupied mode allowing for more energy efficient operating temperature range (set
points). Set points may be programmed by the homeowner.

Upon Returning to the Home

Simply flip the GreenSwitch™ to the on position.

* Wall plugs and Air Conditioning/Heating Systems will return to normal modes.
* Light switches may be operated manually as needed for continued savings.

For more information go to

IN THE MEAN TIME: (and cheaply, I might add)

For around $6.00 a piece, get yourself some good power strips with the on/off switch.
Plug in your entertainment equipment, (TV, DVD, audio, etc.), while powered up,
this equipment pulls at least 125 watts. Powered down it’s still pulling about 26 or
higher watts. When you are finished using it for the day, turn off the switch on the
power strip.

Do the same for all your computer equipment. Note: If you have a weak TOY (time of
year) clock battery on your PC, you will have to reset the time and date.

Also, get one for all your cell phones, IPODs, MP3 chargers.

And especially your kitchen counter top gadgets, such as your coffee pot, blender,
and toaster. Another reason this a great idea in this location; you would be
surprised at the number of house fires caused by toasters, while they are NOT being

One last thing, the good power strips are also surge suppressors. Which means
if your power company spikes you with a surge (>128 volts ac), the strip will
protect your equipment. It might take out the strip, but DUH!

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  1. Mel Avila Alarilla Says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments you left behind. I have already linked you with my blog. Could you please link your blog with mine too? Thanks again and God bless.

    Mel Avila Alarillas last blog post..1

  2. Green Matt Says:

    I’ll not debate with you that this is a great idea and will save power (thus reduce costs and make a tiny dent in coal used) the impact this will have is truly tiny. Even so slow and steady wins the race (as they say).

    What significantly increases “green” in the home is getting rid of devices. for example we gave away the TV set and integrated the DVD viewing with the PC. That was one less device in use at all. I plan to remove the hifi and use just the PC system for it all. The power use of a desktop PC when on is constant (unlike with laptops).

    When done I hope to have one system where once there were four (TV, DVD, VCR, PC, HiFi become PC + VCR).

    That’s still not ideal – I’d like to build a “green” PC using parts designed for laptops so when it is not busy it uses less power but the parts are currently too expensive for me.

    Green Matts last blog post..What do you want most?

  3. Linda Says:

    thank you for coming by and commenting.

    Going green is never easy nor cheap! As we all keep looking for solutions as Green Matts has, we will advise all as to the results.

  4. NBOTW Promotes Living Green | Blogging Without A Blog Says:

    […] great ways to save energy is also included in her blog posts. In her post titled, Green Switch, she writes: Even when powered down, all of your computer desk equipment, your pc, printer, modem, […]

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