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Fire Ants Galore!

There so many fire ants on this acre it is ridiculous. Have tried amdro to no

Have tried the boiled water trick……. still no joy of getting rid of these
pesky little biting varmints.

Have tried the gasoline solution but there are many things wrong in doing this. Not
only the vapors but damaging the soil as well.

I thought about vacuuming, like the commercial, but that is absolutely crazy! And
blowing them up on just spreads them across the acre unnecessarily. And if you are
standing closeby when the explosion occurs, well, get ready to be covered, bitten and
just plain miserable!

So my quest begins! Does anyone know how to get rid of these pesky fire ants in an eco
friendly way?
I am on the search cause once I find a good solution, I will let not
only you know but everyone in East Texas because the fire ants have a real hold on this

I know at one point, Texas A & M was working on one solution but it was not ready
for market yet. Unless that has changed, please let me know.

So, come on folks, got any ideas? I am willing to try them.!

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No Responses to “Fire Ants Galore!”

  1. Alfa King Says:

    You can really have hectic times with fire ants. Have you checked the following sites?

  2. Linda Says:

    Thank you. I checked them out and found a possible solution.

    Lindas last blog post..Fire Ants Galore!

  3. Diane Says:

    My sister in law lives in Florida and they have a huge fire ant problem down there. Dangerous really, for everyone, especially children.

    Dianes last blog post..Amazing SpicyPage More Proof – Gets You Listed in Google In Just Hours

  4. Linda Says:

    yes, they are! I just am so tired of them and the only real break you get from them is in the winter cause it is a little too cool for ’em.

    Lindas last blog post..Cell Phone Re-cycling

  5. anajz Says:

    A friend of mine (back in Texas) used Malt-O-Meal sprinkled on the mounds. Her yard was totally organic and that was her weapon of choice against the nasty pesks. Good Luck!

    anajzs last blog post..Laundry

  6. Brandy Says:

    Hi! First time to your blog … saw this post while glancing the site over and thought I’d leave a thought:
    When we lived in South Carolina we had a HUGE problem with fire ants. Our neighbors on each side BOTH burned their fire ant hills, which of course forced the ants to where OUR house was. We didn’t bother with them, as we were going to stay there long. I’ve since found out, though, that you can take your used coffee grounds and put them on the hills and that takes care of them.
    After moving away from the South, we’re back again … and about to get into our own place (we’re in an apt now with my dad) — hopefully! — so it’s a trick I’m looking forward to trying out if we come across fire ants … and, living in the South, you’re about gauranteed to run into them lol

    Brandys last blog post..Titles are optional, right?

  7. Linda Says:

    Thank you for your suggestions… I am going to try them all. from maltomeal, coffee grounds and a few others. will let you know how it goes….

    Lindas last blog post..Disposing Television Sets

  8. Ismail Says:

    As promised, here is the tip but I’m not sure how good this tip is 🙂 but its work for me. Crush the garlic and place them in a blender. After a while, cover their holes with the blend.

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