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Cell Phone Re-cycling

What to do with your old cell phone. Folks are getting new ones everyday and have not
done anything with the old ones except throw them away.

There are a couple of ways to dispose the old cell phones. You can donate them but
be sure to remove your personal information. When you donate, for instance, the
cell phones will be re-furbished and given to charities like Domestic Abuse or

You can get cash for your old cell phone. There are sites that will buy them and they
will re-cycle from there.

I even heard of a company that is making cell phones out of bamboo. Yes, they are.
When you are ready to get a different one, you simply remove the battery, the card and
throw it into your compost and it will degrade organically.

There are lots of options out there. Please do not just chunk you old cell phone into
the garbage as they are considered hazardous waste. Do something by going green, recycle, donate
or whatever.

This is win-win!

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2 Responses to “Cell Phone Re-cycling”

  1. Behrad Says:

    In The Netherlands when you want to buy a new cell phone at a shop they ask you to turn in your old cell phone and you’ll get some discount instead! The amount of the discount on your new phone depends of your old cell phone model.

    Behrads last blog post..Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

  2. Linda Says:

    Wow! that is cool. Nice to hear that your country is going green responsibly. Come back!

    Lindas last blog post..Homemade Electric Car

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