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Air Cars

No, not like the Jetsons, but cars that run on compressed air. Like power tools have
done for decades.

Two companies, one in Nice, France and one in Melbourne, Australia.

First the one in France, MDI, is developing the first commercial air driver car. They
are experimenting with taxis, vans, and people movers that could one day go non-stop
for 4500 kilometers (2996 miles) on one tank of fuel (air).

Compressed air pushes the pistons up and down, rather than tiny explosions of
gasoline, which leaves the only emission of plain breathable air.

The engine is a regular 4 cylinder piston engine just like normal. The difference is
the weight is less than half, because the components can be made of aluminum, no
combustion, no heat. If you hold your hand on the running engine, it barely feels

There are 3 compressed air cylinders in the aluminum chasis, under the seats.
Compressed to 150 times the air in car tires. So, the cylinders are made of carbon
fiber in case of an accident, they just split open instead of exploding shapnel
all over like metal cylinders would do.

When they finally go to market, the top speed will be about 110 kph (68.35 mph) and
200 kph (124.27 miles) before you have to refill the tanks. Great for city driving.
It will take 3 minutes to refill the car at a compressed air service station. Or
plug into an electrical outlet at home, the on board compressor will do the job in
about 4 hours for about $2.00 of electricity.

For rural driving, they plan a hybrid engine (petro or bio-fuel, for faster speeds
and longer distances. The hybrid would use a small amount of gas to compress air as
you go. One tank of gasoline would take you from L.A. to New York.

They will be available in 2, 4, 6 cylinders and cost less than $15,000.

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  2. Linda Says:

    Tune in tomorrow as you will like it alot as it is from your neck of the woods….. so to speak!

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    Lindas last blog post..Air Cars

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