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Air Car #2

Inventor Angelo Dipletro in Melbourne, Australia is about to blow conventional power
vehicles right out of the water!

Right now, he has converted a form of a trolley (powered cart) that is being used at
Commerical Wholesale Markets. It takes 2 or 3 minutes to fill it with compressed air
and runs for about 2 hours. The remarkable thing about this engine is that it weighs
just 13 kgms (28 lbs). You can literally hold the engine in your hands. It is an
ingenious design that does not play off the piston powered engine of the air powered
car in France (see last blog), or the internal combustion engine. In this one, the
compressed air moves a single rotorary piston around to power the central drive shaft.

The beauty of the design is that the engine parts hardly touch. A layer of air
cushions the rotation of the piston. Which means, there is very little loss of energy
to friction, so very little lost of power.

In a normal car, much of the engine power output can be lost running the engine itself
and things like the transmission.

Angelo’s rotorary engine will be much more efficient because there is no transmission,
few moving parts, and the engine is incredibly light. So most of the power goes
straight to the wheels. It’s size to power ratio is outstanding.

Plans for an engine that weighs only 6 kgm (13 lbs) are in the works. Less that half
of the original.

The engine works in boats, cars, and is powerful enough to pull heavy loads. When it
is ready for the market, it will be easy to refill and no more dangerous fumes.

I really like this one! Uh OH! There goes those goose bumps again!

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  1. Greg Archer Says:

    Does anyone have an email address or website for inventor Anelo Dipletro or his company?

  2. Greg Archer Says:

    Does anyone have an email address or website for inventor Angelo Dipletro or his company?

  3. Linda Says:

    yes, here you go!

    Lindas last blog post..Disposing Television Sets

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