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What If?

You know, the feeling of the oil companies and car companies in cohoots
together is getting bigger by the day.

What if the car manufacturers have been figuring out how to produce cheap
hydrogen vehicles all the while pouring expensive hybrids into the market to
work out the bugs of their future energy efficient vehicles. Meanwhile, the big
oil companies are currently using the money they gouge from us to plan conversion
of the gas station into hydrogen stations and stockpiling of hydrogen reserves,
figuring out transportation methods which would be the about same as present day
chemicals and gas.

The car manufacaturers are awaiting the go ahead from big oil for the
day of conversion to announce their cheap hydrogen vehicles.

Then add insult to injury, the rich keep getting richer…

You know that this is possible. Is anyone out there thinking the same?????

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  1. Mary-Lynn Says:

    You have a great point there. It is unbelievable how fast the gas prices are going up. People are inventing everything that you can think of – why can’t anyone come up with more cheap running vehicles that are better for our environment?

  2. Linda Says:

    Thank you for your comment. I believe that some one already has but no one will let them market it. Kinda like Tucker. He had some amazing cars and the big guys squeezed him out.

    Linda’s last blog post..What If?

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