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Something’s Gonna Happen!

About 2 months ago, a storage tank in a tiny West Texas Refinery blew up.
Thank God, nobody was killed. It made the news, maybe only here in Texas.
By the next morning, everyone around here was jokingly taking bets on how
quick the big oil companies would use that as an excuse to jack the gas
prices up.

TWO DAYS! I am not yanking your chain here people! Within two days, the
national news was reporting the price of gas was going up because of that
very refinery incident.

I hate being patronized. Especially, with stupid lies.

“The Sheik of Mogley Dobley and the CEO of Got Rocks Oil, got run over
by a UFO today, so the price of gas is going up again. Suck it up,
you lowly masses, and take whatever we tell you because we got you by
the short hairs and you cannot do anything about it. Hardy har har!!!!”

The average price of gas is around $3.50/gallon now and half of the country’s
wages is $10.00 or under per hour. At that rate, most of the blue
collar workers cannot or soon will not be able to afford to go to work.
This SUCKS! But, guess what folks. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. No truer words were
ever spoken.

Because all through out history, you back people up against the wall until their
intellect, ingenuity, and common sense, comes out swinging. Good will always
come of it.

Who knows when, but sooner or later some bright young car mechanic is going to
pop up with a 50 cent pill that you drop in the gas tank, fill it up with tap
water and drive 500 miles. The only emission is clean water vapor. Well, maybe
you will have to change a belt or hose or fuse or something.

So what are you going to do then Exxon, Shell, BP, Mobil and OPEC?

I suppose I should thank you (Big Oil) for forcing us green. But I am not. Because
all of you could have had more compassion and concern for your planet and
its people 40 or 50 years ago. We could have been walking this green path together.
Just think where we would be now.

But, nooooo! Big Oil is too busy turning our blue sky smutty gray and wringing every
last penny out of our pockets!

Now hear this, Fat Cats! We WILL save our planet and we WILL figure out a way or
ways to release your crushing grip on our lives. And you WILL rue the day you
pee-peed on our post toasties!

I’ll stop ranting now….
just wanted let know…
why we’re….

—— —–

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