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Smoking Alternative

Have you heard of NJOY. It is an electronic version of a cigarette.
This will give you the Freedom to SMOKE anywhere without people sneering or commenting

about your habit plus no second hand smoke.

Whether your smoke cigarettes and/or cigars, NJOY will offer the same stimulation, a

feeling of relaxation, calmness and alertness as it will deliver the nicotine to the

body without the carcinogens.

Now here is the good part. These NJOY cigarettes are TSA approved and acceptable for

use on an airplane, since they are effectively an electronic device. So for people who

feel the need to smoke, there’s no more waiting to land at the next airport, you

simply wait until the captain annouces you can use electronic devices.

NJOY will also help you gradually ween yourself from smoking and helps reduce the

amount of smoke inhaled into your lungs even if you have no plans to quit.

To purchase NJOY, use the Coupon Code freedom. The Coupon Code is case sensitive, so

be sure to use all lower case characters.

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  1. Smoking Alternative | Smoking Says:

    […] Continue Reading […]

  2. Diane Scott Says:

    Way cool! From the pictures on the site it’s not clear exactly what you do but I like the overall idea 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Linda Says:

    You put in a cartridge and let the electronics take over. Just like smoking a cigarette, the cartridge contains nicotine and glycol that creates a mist but also delivers the nicotine. No smell, no ashes, no butts…. 🙂

    Linda’s last blog post..Smoking Alternative

  4. Canny Granny Says:

    Heavens! I thought it was a joke at first 🙂
    I have found herbal cigarettes myself – they give me the illusion of smoking and taste awful enough to stop after a few drags.

    Canny Granny’s last blog post..Anzac Biscuits Recipe

  5. Linda Says:

    oh my! look over in my blogroll for go natural or try NJOY… either one will be better than those things…
    thanks for coming on by. :))

    Linda’s last blog post..Smoking Alternative

  6. Chelle Says:

    That is very interesting – I will have to check it out & maybe pass to my dad – he’s a smoker stuck on 6-8 hour flights constantly.

  7. Linda Says:

    I believe he will be pleasantly surprised.

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