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RV cover Update

Thought an update on how the RV cover was progressing
was due.

Well, we have been turned into another direction
with the RV cover.

The initial thought of 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe would handle
the weight of 26 gauge steel. Upon placing the trusses
on the poles and watching how the 20 mph wind were
reacting together………. oops! Let the swaying begin.
The 3 inch poles were dancing in the wind and even with
them being tied together with the trusses, it was toooo
much. The pipe was not big enough.

So now, in the process of taking down the trusses, reset
the height to 14 feet, fill the pipes with gravel (to
hold down the sway in wind) and just create a box (per se)
with the 3 inch pipe. Once they are all tied together,
along with making a run of pipe right down the middle to
add strength, then the steel will go up.

Until then, worky, worky, worky. Thank goodness the
weather is fantastic and will give the time to get it
done, hopefully, this week.

More to come……….

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