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NASA is green

They’re always coming up with innovative and needful
things and here they go again.

A NASA research partner along with NASA engineers at
the Kennedy Space Center have created an additive that
can be mixed with ordinary interior or exterior paint,
turning it into a heat-reflecting thermal barrier after
drying. Reflecting back up to 90% of the heat source.
Imagine that, paint as a true insulator!

It’s said to work with all paints and coatings with no
adverse effects on the paint’s performance.

The additive comes in powder form is made up of
microscopic, inert gas-filled,ceramic microspheres.

It’s applications are endless. Anything that needs a
a reduction in the effects of summer heat and/or
winter cold.

It’s safe and non-toxic.

It’s affordable.

And NASA never ceases to amaze me!

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