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Green things for your home

Here are some things to look at for your home in going green.

Non-toxic paint – has the VOC (volatile organic compounds) removed.
You can tell – no smell! Great for any room
but especially the bedrooms. It comes in most any color.
Check for the green certified seal on the can.

Dishwasher Drawers – are about half the size of a normal dishwasher. They
let you run smaller loads with much less energy.

Trash composter – NOT a compacter! Put it in a closet, under the cabinet slide
out, garage, or covered porch. Hermetically sealed so no
odors. Creates rich soil for your garden. Not to mention
it cuts way down on curb side trash. Great for homes with
no room for compost heaps. I absolutely love this, definitely
more on this later.

Countertops – made from recycled paper. Hard as stone with that smooth
stone look. Can take up to 350 degree heat.

Cork – for floors. It looks good, comes in a variety of colors.
A hard surface with some give in it that makes it easy
on your feet. A natural waxy substance in cork that makes
it insect, moisture, and fire resistant. It comes from
the bark of the Cork Oak, native to the Mediterranean area.
It grows to a height of 30 to 60 feet and a diameter of
greater than 4 feet. The bark (cork) is pulled off and
regrows in 10 years.

Bamboo – makes beautiful floors. It has a natural luster that looks
better with traffic. And guess what! Now sheets and
bedding is being made from bamboo. I kid you not. And yes,
it’s soft, with a silky feel to it.
Bamboo is a member of the grass family and in optimal
conditions can grow 3 to 4 feet per day.

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No Responses to “Green things for your home”

  1. Chelle Says:

    Fantastic list of ways to be a little greener! It is so hard to shop anymore and know what you are getting!!

  2. D-sine Says:

    I like your header

  3. Linda Says:

    I know but I have found that the newer products have been created somewhat eco minded. Even though they cost more just wish they would bring the cost down for us every day folk

  4. Linda Says:

    thank you d-sine. come on back!

  5. BioTecK Says:

    I love green so much that we have painted a wall in our house green and the doors of each rooms are light green also!! 😀

    Beside that we also have a lot of green stuff like table-cover, a green painting, green towels and much more! Ow.. I forgat to mention.. My blog! :p

  6. Linda Says:

    Green is just a versatile color. it looks good everywhere… Thank you for coming by!

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