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Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

Don’t Mess Mother Nature – Part One


A Skunk Tail … uh Tale

I can freely tell you this with no fear of repercussion
as my brother will never know. To him the internet is a
little net within the ‘outter net’ that separates bait
fish from the bigger caught fish.

Never seen without his hat and boots, he truly is better
suited for the Texas of 100 years ago. A hunter, a fisher,
and sometimes an unmitigated lunatic.

Skunks are still called Polecats in this neck of the woods.
Altho the two terms are very interchangeable. The smell tells
you the two can be no further separated on the family tree
than faternal twins. Anyway, I digress.

It was a moonlit night when the skunk came a callin’.
Causing a big ol’ ruckus under my brother’s house, and oh
Lord, the smell! Permeating every nook and cranny.

Normal protocol for this situation is just let the skunk
have his space and eventually he’ll just wander off. You
will know as the smell does a definite fade away. But,
alas, not my brother.

Einstein decides to get rid of the varmint the fastest
way he knew how – a 16 gauge shot gun – oh yes he did.
One shot got the skunk, along with a good share of the

Everybody knows the misery of passing a dead skunk in the
middle of the road. Now double the intensity with no time
limit on that smell’s duration.

At this point my brother made the smartest decision of his
life when he didn’t give the shot gun to his wife after she
ran out and sweetly demanded it. He had thirty minutes.

–And you have 24 hours–

—Tune in tomorrow – same time – same channel for part 2

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