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Surprise!! Linoleum is Green!

Who knew? Good ol’ Linoleum has always been green. It’s been around
since an English guy, (Fredrick Walton) patented his linseed oil and
cork dust concoction in 1860.

Water resistant, durable, and inexpensive Linoleum was an excellent
material for kitchens and bathrooms.

It was widely used until the latter 1950’s when it fell out of favor
to hardwood, tile and especially polyvinyl chloride (pvc vinyl).

Vinyl has greater brightness, transparency, and is less flammable.
Maybe less flammable than Linoleum but, as it turns out, extremely

As luck would have it, linoleum (little L) became the generic term
for all resilient floor covering, including vinyl.

Thus, Linoleum has been wrongly accused (at least by me), of not
being environmentally friendly.

So, it was, is, and always will be – green!

And making a BIG comeback!

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