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Welcome to Forced Green

Forced Green can be translated in a variety of ways. Are you green enough for the planet?

Are you green enough with your dollars? Or is your life being viewed as green with envy?

Everyone has a different view or has a different journey in life that sooner or later, green is an integral part.

Let’s take are you green enough for the planet. The planet is suffering at this point in time with pollution of every kind from air, water, land and space. We have been shown how humans activity has affected the planet from melting ice bergs, to the climate heating up, along with the landfills creating so much methane we should be figuring out a way to use it.

More and more people are doing just that….

Figuring out ways to “go green”. From using the sun in a variety of ways such as solar panels. Or cleaning up the water for drinking purposes. Or making refinery’s clean up their act by enforcing the clean air act.

Either way, we are all in the process of greening ourselves in an effort to co-habitate with this planet we call Earth.

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