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1st day

Being forced into early retirement cause your job went to India along
with elderly parents needing your caring presence not to mention coming back
to a rural area where they live which is so out of touch with technology
(set your watches back 100 years).

So, here we sit with an RV, one clear acre with no amenities (i.e. electric,
water or sewer) and the opportunity to implement all those neat green
ideas that you don’t get in a city setting.

With this in mind along with monetary restraints we now have installed a
septic system, a water line (no water well, yes!) and electrical path.

We started with the septic system so we would not have to travel 23 miles
to an rv park to dump every week. Check for County restrictions and permits.

We rented a small backhoe (fun! fun! fun!) and dug a hole for the tank and
then went 4 feet down for the 2 field lines that went 100 feet long. While
you are at it, go ahead and dig the lines for the water and electric if
you know where they are going to save time.

You’ll need gravel, 4 inch pvc sched 40 pipe, 4 inch field pipe (holes in it)
and a roll of felt used for roofing. Once the hole is dug, place the tank in
it and line up the openings to the trenches. Hook solid pipe to the
tank and then hook up the field pipe. Then put gravel in the trenches
at least 1/2 foot deep. Lay the field pipe with a downgrade. Put the roofing
felt over the top of the pipes and put more gravel on top of that. Before
we covered, we had county come out and inspect.

Saved over $5,000 by doing this ourselves. Oh by the way, we fixed
mom and dad’s cheap septic system at the same time cause dad ran over it atleast
400 times with his tractor. Another $5000 saved! ChaChing!

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