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Urban Wind Turbine

July 20th, 2014

Revolution in generating energy: the Liam F1 Urban Wind Turbine

Liam-F1-Michel-van-Nederveen_-200x300After 11 years of development it has become reality: the most efficient urban wind turbine in its shape and size will enter the international market. On Tuesday the 27th of May 2014 this already high profiled wind turbine will be revealed at the Innovation Dock on the RDM Campus in Rotterdam.

This wind turbine combines an austere and elegant design with an unequaled high efficiency. Based on natural forms the Liam F1 converts, with minimal resistance and almost silently, no less than 80% of the available energy from the wind into power. A result that has never been shown until now.

The Liam F1 Urban Wind Turbine is the tangible, high profiled and technical proof of the philosophy of the founding fathers of the Archimedes, Richard Ruijtenbeek and Marinus Mieremet, that sustainable energy, by combining what nature offers us for free, must be available to all of mankind.

Distinctive natural design: based on Biomimicry

Biomimicry is the science and art of imitating the best organic ideas from nature to solve human problems. The particular form of the Liam F1 originated when Marinus Mieremet inventor of this turbine- studied the work of the Greek engineer Archimedes (287-212 BC).

In that work the natural beauty of the nautilus shell struck him in particular.

“Calculations on natural forms such as the nautilus shell almost always lead to a special ratio, the golden ratio. If a man sees a golden ratio, something special occurs. All proportions are in balance. Natural beauty always follows the laws of the golden ratio. And we succeeded in applying these laws into the design of our windturbine. ”

Innovative design: virtually no sound and resistance

Various theories on the aerodynamics gave Mieremet amazing insights which he subsequently applied and translated into a unique and beautiful design that is in many ways more powerful, more compact and has a remarkable higher yield than all the turbines that we have known so far. On Tuesday the 27th of May 2014, Mieremet will present the unique insights he has acquired, at the Innovation Dock on the RDM Campus.

A small taste:

“Generally speaking, there is a difference in pressure in front and behind of the rotor blades of a windmill. However, this is not the case with the Liam F1. The difference in pressure is created by the spatial figure in the spiral blade. This results in a much better performance.

Even when the wind is blowing at an angle of 60 degrees into the rotor, it will start to spin.

We do not require expensive software: because of its conical shape, the wind turbine yaws itself automatically into the optimal wind direction. Just like a wind vane. And because the wind turbine encounters minimal resistance, he is virtually silent. “

mmmmm.. Marijuana

July 13th, 2014

Seattle’s first and only recreational marijuana store had to close on Friday after running out of stock in just three days since Washington became the second U.S. state to allow pot sales to adults.

For the rest of us (besides Colorado), what a pity! I cannot even imagine having a store that sells pot muchless having the issue of running out of stock! :D

However, even if I wanted to get involved in the selling of pot, I would have to be rich.

Currently, getting a license costs anywhere from $60,000 to $500,000 so that means
i am out of the running.

Florida could use the extra income from marijuana. If we can get approved the medical marijuana bill, then 60 to 500 million in tax revenue could be achieved.

The more states that approve this new crop could change the world of drugs.

All of the cartels will have to figure out something different to stay in business.

Marijuana users could see substantial savings due to marijuana legalization, as prices could fall by up to 100 times, perhaps freeing up some cash to spend on other things.

Marijuana growers account for $14 billion a year in sales in California, making it the state’s most valuable cash crop,

It’s estimated that illegal marijuana is a $36 billion industry in the U.S

n 2011, Colorado pulled in $5 milllion in sales taxes from medical marijuana businesses

Economist Stephen Easton estimated in 2010 that legal marijuana could be a $45 to $100 billion industry,

So why not get a new industry rolling that will not only help the state’s economy but all of us pot lovers? Do you have an opinion on this?

Items for Xmas in July

July 2nd, 2014

Here are some items that could be bought for christmas in July events

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